Cheap Hotels in San Diego

Here are some of the cheap hotels in San Diego that are available throughout the year. Just insert city or hotel name.

Cheapest Hotels in San Diego

Traveling to the city of San Diego can be expensive and then once a person arrives, they also have the expense of accommodations, food, transportation, and entertainment. All those expenses add up quickly and it could easily put a person in debt, when all they wanted was a nice vacation away from the busyness of their life. Thankfully, there are many ways that a person can save money while visiting the city. One of those ways is finding one of the many cheap hotels in San Diego. There are plenty for a person to choose from and many of the cheap hotels in San Diego are in wonderful locations. One of the easiest ways for a person to find cheap hotels in San Diego on the beach, California, USA is by traveling during the off season. The prices at hotels drop drastically during the months of January, February, March, October, and November, but there are many that have low prices all year long.

Motel 6 San Diego Downtown

This is one of the best cheap hotels in San Diego, because it is located in the downtown area. This Motel 6 is just a five-minute drive from Balboa Park, which is where the infamous San Diego Zoo is located. The beach is less than ten miles away and Sea World is even closer. There are plenty of shops and restaurants close by this hotel along with some amazing action-packed nightlife.

Travelodge San Diego Downtown Convention Center

This Travelodge is conveniently located near both the airport and the downtown area. Many military members and their families use this, as it is quite near the bases for both the Marine Corps and the Navy. As one of the cheap hotels in San Diego, this Travelodge offers its guests a lot when it comes to amenities. Guests receive a free breakfast as well as free WiFi, and there are laundry facilities on site. Everyone that stays at this hotel will be able to reach the beach in only a couple of minutes and no one will need to worry about dining out with the extensive number of restaurants that are nearby.

Marina Inn and Suites

Some people are not willing to sacrifice elegance and style when they are on vacation, and Marina Inn and Suites, is one of the best cheap hotels in San Diego that offers a luxurious stay at a reasonable price. This hotel is located in Little Italy and is not any further than six miles from any of the major attractions that the city has to offer. Guests will find themselves exploring craft breweries, urban wineries, and numerous art galleries in between their outings to the beach and the zoo. Many of the rooms offer enticing views of both the city and the bay, which is perfect for those guests who wake early in the morning or stay up late at night.

Hotel Point Loma

Another one of the cheap hotels in San Diego is Hotel Point Loma. This hotel never compromises the quality of their stay for the price that their guests pay. Their spacious rooms are very comfortable and people will find themselves capable of relaxing in them at the end of a long day exploring the city. The front desk is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the needs of every single guest. This hotel is only three minutes from the San Diego airport and only a few miles from all the major attractions that everyone loves to see while in the city.

La Jolla Travelodge

Many of the cheap hotels in San Diego on the beach and the harbor, but the La Jolla Travelodge is one that is only one block from the magnificent Wind-n-Sea Beach. Guests will love sitting on the sand in the sun as they relax in the morning with a cup of coffee in their hand. The downtown area of La Jolla is only one mile away, which is perfect for those times when guests want an extraordinary experience while dining and shopping. There are quite a few art galleries for people to wander through and no one will want to miss looking at any of the charming boutiques.

Finding one of the best cheap hotels in San Diego, California, USA is not always easy, but it is possible with a little research and some patience. can help with this process, but anyone that is traveling to this city will want to check out the hotels above first. They are the hotels near San Diego that many people recommend, mainly for their close proximity to attractions, their amenities, and the amazing staff that turns an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary one. If you find cheap flights to San Diego Click here.